3 types of barbecues you probably don’t know about

The beautiful days are back and the time has come to enjoy the sun, the birds singing and good meals with family or friends, all outdoors. What better way to do this than to organize a barbecue? It’s the perfect excuse to get together and share a convivial moment.

However, do you have the right equipment to treat everyone and cook the meat and vegetables you have prepared perfectly?

The most common barbecues

Among the most common barbecues in France, there is the traditional charcoal barbecue and the gas barbecue.

The charcoal barbecue is the lightest, since it is generally a steel tank into which charcoal is poured to obtain the embers necessary to cook our food. This one has many advantages: it takes up little space, is easy to transport and to clean. It is also generally very accessible in terms of price.

The gas barbecue offers other advantages such as its ease of use and faster cleaning. In terms of style, the gas barbecue looks more like an outdoor stove than a traditional barbecue. Made of stainless steel and aluminum, the gas barbecue allows you to perfectly control the cooking over time. It can be equipped with several burners: thus, you can cook or grill different foods at the same time (meats, vegetables) at different temperatures. Finally, you no longer need to blow on the embers to boost the grills. It’s a “Stop and Go” barbecue. Of course, the cost of this type of barbecue is higher than that of a charcoal barbecue. Depending on its size and options, prices can soar.

These 2 types of barbecues are the most common, but you should know that there are others that I am sure could seduce you. So I conducted my investigation, in particular at the barbecue specialist in Europe: barbecue-co.com

3 types of trendy barbecues that you will love

If you are looking for a new cooking experience and a new style of barbecue, you will not be disappointed by what follows. In fact, below you’ll find three types of barbecues that are becoming increasingly trendy. We explain why!

The brazier plancha

A brazier is basically used as a heater or an outdoor fireplace to make the most of cool evenings. That said, the brazier can have several functions and in particular be used as a barbecue and plancha. Beyond its practicality, the brazier is also a design object that can be left outside. Elegant, it is characterized by a conical-shaped hearth on which you can put a grill and a ring-shaped plancha stone.

I personally fell in love with the OFYR plancha braziers. They are both design and practical, elegant and functional. You can grill and pan fry your food at the same time. It is a real wood-fired plancha that can also be used as a barbecue when a cooking grid is added above the fire. The brazier offers a new outdoor cooking experience that leaves no one indifferent. At the same time, what I like about it is that it’s a real wood-fired plancha that can also be used as a barbecue.

The best part is that you can be several people around the brazier to watch the cooking and to cook together. This brings even more conviviality.

The kamado

Have you ever heard of the kamado barbecue? According to some experts, it is the best charcoal barbecue in the world. This egg-shaped ceramic grill is considered easy to use, robust and versatile. This barbecue originated in Japan.

Its characteristics allow to keep the heat in an optimal and homogeneous way to cook your food like an oven. You can also regulate the temperature via a ventelle located on the hood. Its sealing system allows you to grill and cook meats while keeping their tenderness and juiciness.

Beyond its function of barbecue, the kamado is also a very beautiful object, it is even very design I find. This egg is particularly elegant and can be used to decorate a beautiful terrace. It can be found in different colors. Price: between 700€ and 4500€.

The pellet barbecue

After the gas and coal barbecue, here is the pellet barbecue. It is also an extremely versatile barbecue in that it allows you to grill, cook but also to smoke or roast. Fueled by natural pellets, the ignition is done either electrically or with a simple flame. No need for coal, gas or firewood for your grills. Price: between 1000€ and 3000€.

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