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[The Derbies are among the most classic shoes for men. Less formal than the Richelieus, they are the perfect allies to achieve a casual look. For a casual evening or an outing in the city, Derbies are worn naturally. However, these shoes are also becoming more and more popular for formal evenings, at the risk of overtaking their cousins

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History and characteristics of the Derby shoe model for men

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Derbies have a rather mysterious origin, so many versions are available and seem inseparable from

each other.

Nevertheless, they can share the same history as the Bluchers, with which they have similarities. The story goes back to the time of the Napoleonic Wars, when cavalry and infantry troops wore uncomfortable and unsuitable shoes. To help his soldiers, the Prince of Wahlstatt Gebhard Leberecht Von Blücher redesigned the seams and cut of the shoes to make them more practical. This is how Bluchers and Derbies were born, shoes with special cuts allowing everyone to slip their feet into them as naturally as possible.

The Derbies are lace-up shoes with free laces. The flip-up vamp of these shoes facilitates the entry of the foot.

Derby Finsbury brown patina model BOGART

Derby shoes for men model Bogart at 199€ on sale

Why are Derbies shoes still in fashion?

[Since the victories of the army of Gebhard Leberecht Von Blücher in 1815 (Battle of Waterloo), Derbies have marked the minds. Their practicality has convinced those with a wide foot or a developed kick. On the other hand, these shoes proved their comfort by allowing the soldiers to win the victory. Revisited by the great names of the shoe industry, Derbies are making a comeback: straight toe, smooth or grained leather, flowered golf toe, suede calf… They are currently among the basics of a man’s shoeing, especially for going out on the town.

Black Derby Shoes for Men Finsbury

Black Derby Shoes for Men

Because Derbies are inseparable from casual wear, they accompany casual men in their daily


Their undeniable comfort and their ease of use make them ideal shoes for walks. Nothing is more stylish for city dwellers than derbies with a pair of jeans and a shirt. They are also the essential models of the ready-to-wear.

Derby shoes man model PIEGARO BROWN at 109€ It

is difficult to imagine a modern and relaxed man without derbies in his shoes! What do you think?

Selection of Derby shoes for men trends

Derby shoes for men by SUBTLE SHOES

Lacoste blue navy at 150€

Lacoste blue navy

Derbies of the brand ZIGN in black leather 60€

Derbies of the brand ZIGN in black leather

ZIGN STUDIO men’s derbies in black leather at 170€

ZIGN STUDIO men’s derbies in black leather at 170€

Derbies are timeless shoes and very popular among men. You want to buy them, but you don’t know what to do.

Don’t know how to do it? We recommend that you visit the Jacques Loup website. It is an online store that offers a wide selection of luxury derbies for men. For example, you can easily find Tod’s and Hogan shoes.

Once you have purchased your shoe, remember to maintain them! Spending a lot of money and not getting the most out of your shoes is not very smart. For the maintenance of your derbies, it all depends on the material of the shoe:

  • For leather derbies, use a microfiber cloth. It is light and thin, which will allow for impeccable cleaning while preventing your shoes from getting scratched. Also, avoid waxing, as it can cause your shoes to lose their shine. Instead, apply a maintenance oil like castor oil from time to time. This way, your shoes will keep their mirror-like effect for a long time.
  • For suede derbies, all you need is a brass brush to remove dirt and a waterproofing spray to revive the suede colors.

When it comes to cleaning the laces, it is done separately. Here you can mix bicarbonate and lemon in soapy water. Then, soak the laces for about ten minutes, before rinsing them


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