Men: how and why to take care of our hands? Useful tips

Our hands are precious. We use them every day, every moment. Hands are our main tools and we need to take care of them to keep them healthy and to help us as long as possible. To do this, there are routines to put in place to preserve, protect and even regenerate them.

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Why Take Care of Your Hands?

A weapon of seduction

As a general rule, we men pay little attention to the appearance of our hands. However, women do pay attention to our hands: they have an eye for them and some women may even be seduced by beautiful men’s hands. Yes, our hands can be weapons of seduction. On the other hand, damaged hands with dirty nails can quickly disgust your interlocutors.

The reflection of our life and our character

Our hands also say a lot about our lifestyle, our activities and our temperament. At a glance, we can see if you are rather manual or intellectual, anxious or rather zen, clean or rather careless … Size of the hand, thickness, dry or moisturized skin, long or bitten nails, clean or dirty, scars … in short, there are many clues on your hands. It’s up to you to leave only the most flattering ones.

A precious tool

Like all tools, to ensure that they work properly and for as long as possible, we must take care of them. Clean them well and protect them. Our hands and fingers serve us every day and almost all the time. See how complicated life gets when you get a cut on your hand or finger. It’s hard to use it again and it temporarily handicaps us. We must therefore take care of it as much as possible

Soft and pleasant caresses

What could be more pleasant than to be touched, massaged and caressed by beautiful and soft hands? This is exactly what your partner thinks. So stop with dry, chapped, rough, raspy hands. If you take care of your hands, you can take care of your partner

Nests of microbes

Yes, by dint of touching everything with our hands, they are very quickly contaminated. Moreover, we generally have the annoying habit of touching our face, nose, lips, beard … Thus, our hands are real transmitters of microbes. We are more and more aware of this since the Covid and we now know why and how to carry out the barrier gestures. The disinfection of the hands is an essential element to slow down the contaminations and to avoid falling sick of Covid but also of many other diseases: gastro, flu, …

How to maintain our hands?

Protect, clean, strengthen, stretch and nourish, these are the 5 commandments concerning hand care that we should all follow to the letter.

Protect them

If, like me, you occasionally work on your hands both indoors and outdoors, you put them to a lot of stress. Whether it’s for DIY or gardening, I always wear gloves today to protect my hands from the cold and the various possible abrasions, even possible injuries. I use either ga

Nitrile gloves (very thin, perfect for fine crafting), or stronger, more protective handling gloves.

It is essential to keep your hands healthy and then to moisturize them. In the same way, cleaning your hands well also means eliminating dirt and possible viruses that our fingers may carry. With soap or hydroalcoholic gel, it is important to disinfect your hands regularly.

In the cleaning, I also add the cutting of the nails. The latter are also carriers of bacteria. They must therefore also be properly cleaned. In addition, it is important to cut them regularly (every 10 days for example). It is a question of hygiene as well as aesthetics.



who don

‘t have regular physical activities or crafts, it is interesting to strengthen your hands and fingers

from time to time.

How can you do this? For example with a stress ball or a rubber band. This will strengthen your grip.

Planet Waves PW-VG-01 Varigrip Adjustable hand exercise tool

  • DEVELOP STRENGTH AND DEXTERITY – The D’Addario Varigrip is designed to help you develop and maintain strength and dexterity in your fingers, hands and forearms. With its ergonomic design and over-molded grip and pads, you can be sure you’ll be able to train with maximum comfort.
  • CUSTOMIZED TENSION – The Varigrip allows you to adjust and customize the tension for each finger to develop your hand muscles evenly.
  • SIMULATED HORN – By removing the reversible overmolded grip, you’ll access a textured base designed to help musicians develop and maintain the horn on their fingertips.


Our hands and fingers are full of muscles and tendons that need to be stretched and made more flexible. Indeed, in the course of a day, we usually make repetitive gestures that wear out our joints. This often leads to very painful tendonitis. What to do? Take a few minutes at the end of the day to do some stretching exercises for your fingers, hands and wrists


We men are rarely adapted to moisturize our hands. However, we need it. In winter of course, but also throughout the year. Moisturizing your hands is to delay the signs of skin aging. It also protects against external aggressions: cold, friction, abrasions and cuts. Well-moisturized hands will tend to resist shocks better and heal faster.

To do this, it is important to moisturize them regularly: two to three times a week throughout the year with a quality moisturizer. Be careful what you buy in the shops, because the consumer brands are often full of chemicals that can be dangerous for your health. for example, I scanned

I recently bought my Neutrogena cream with the YUKA application and I realized that its composition was not very “safe”.

So I decided to turn to certified organic creams with protective and nourishing properties.

I advise you today the new collection of hand creams of the brand TADE. These products are made in France, dermatologically tested, certified organic and moreover they smell very good. The new collection is composed of 10 new hand creams with perfumes inviting to travel. Price: 7.80€ for 30ml.

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