Sunday is election day

There are twelve of them, but on Sunday night, only two will remain. We are already in the first round of the 2022 presidential election. Four women for eight men are in the running. And the suit is still the unavoidable dress of the politicians, as we can see it on the posters placed in front of the polling stations.

Unavoidable I say, contrary to all the incantations that we hear here and there about the relaxation at work and the abandonment of the venerable suit and even better, the tie. Yes, but there are moments that are more important than others. And the suit, or the tailor if it is feminine, is a marker of these moments. Let’s have fun looking at these posters, whose montage is below.

Honor to the ladies. Valérie Pécresse, Anne Hidalgo and Marine Le Pen have made an amusingly similar choice, white V-neck t-shirt and dark blue jacket. In the case of Marine Le Pen, it is probably a silk blouse but the effect is the same. We were always told that women’s fashion was freer and more inventive. We would have been lied to!

They all three pushed the similarity until the pendants. It is almost confusing finally. I notice mainly that the fabric of Marine Le Pen’s jacket looks more beautiful, a deeper and richer blue. With a first name like that, it’s still lucky! Valérie Pécresse has chosen a crossed model on her side. As for Anne Hidaldo, she chose minimalism, with a jacket with no lapel. And especially in the background, a photo quality worthy of a photo booth at two euros, without any relief. She will be able to present her poster to redo her identity card at least, it will have served her well.


Remains Nathalie Artaud, without jewel and without suit, simply a shirt in printed poplin. And red glasses, very red. Like the background of Philippe Poutou’s poster, who shares with his comrade this taste for the casual and without fuss clothing. Amusing similarity there again of the printed shirts! This is what we call a trend. On Poutou’s poster, you can almost read the brand on the button. It would have amused me to know. But I wouldn’t have wanted the same one anyway.


The seven other gentlemen are in suits. Blue, except for two, the first being Fabien Roussel. I have often noticed him on television, he dresses quite well and here, I am happy with this suit, a charcoal grey thread, with a small qualitative overstitching. With a delicate poplin shirt. This man looks good and on the whole google photos, I’m quite convinced, with variety, classic or spiked lapels, indigo blue or slate, gray this-time. It makes sense!

On the other hand, there is Mister Jean Lassalle. I am worried about the state of the suit, which has probably seen others with uncertain shoulders and a general aspect a little tarnished. Which makes me say no… maybe it’s a navy blue suit and not a gray one? Darn it! It’s a shame, because this club tie is interesting, in the midst of politicians who don’t dare anything but plain. It’s a nice tie, even if the knot is a bit wide for this small collar. Shirt is blue, unique choice.


Tieate also marked in Jean-Luc Mélanchon. A good red is synonymous with a triumphant International. Notice that the poster below is not the same as on the montage above. Go and see. And yes, it seems to me that this same pose is reused with different backgrounds and that the colorimetry of the costume is more or less adjusted. It’s really blue on the general montage. The Soviets were already doing some clever editing. They could even remove people from the portraits. I wonder about the blur on the shirt collar. What did they tamper with? Did they add his head to someone else’s suit? Not the one of Georges Marchais always, it was more beautiful. Or did they erase his wrinkles? There is something doctored there.

The most astonishing thing is the absence of the carpenter’s jacket, or painter’s jacket, or worker’s jacket that he was used to. The classic, English and bourgeois jacket is back, but with very poor lapels, it seems to me, and a fabric that is not very exciting. As the Republic is him, I put him alone in this paragraph.


Let’s stay on the left one last time. Yannick Jadot never looks like an ecologist. Well-combed hair, shoes that don’t show the toes and ties. Often the tie, and sometimes the turtleneck. And like Monsieur Roussel, there is a bit of variety in his costumes. On his poster, we see very little. But enough to judge that the fabric is of quality, blue threadbare wool, with a delicate overstitching of the collar edge, sign of a good suit. The tie finally, which points to the corner is a grenadine. This is good. Chic and sober.


Not chic on the other hand the jacket of Mr. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. Ah these lapels, it’s undignified. Nothing more to say. Yes, I do. That he could dare a tie with more relief. I would suggest a blue one with red polka dots. But it is forbidden for candidates to put blue, white and red in the poster…

Let’s move on to Eric Zemmour. What a disappointment this little collar again, jacket and shirt, double punishment! An undignified jacket that makes him fall back on his style of before campaign, when he was on television. I find it all the more unfortunate that during the campaign, he had redone a more precise look, with new glasses and strong navy suits well cut, with clean shoulders and collars that tie well. Suits that, I was told, came from Arthur & Fox. It was good. Now, we’re back to the chiche.


And then, there is Emmanuel Macron, the President. Unique choice, that of a straight overcoat with collar. Is this a photo reused without predestination for the campaign? What to think of this choice of coat? That it does not fear the rain, and in so doing is it a hint that it is prepared and resistant? It is remarkable in the first sense of the word in any case. Not much else to say. I note the same tie as Yannick Jadot, a discreet grenadine. And a look of Mona Lisa.

Paradoxically, at the end of this little overview, Yannick Jadot and Fabien Roussel are the ones wearing the most beautiful suits. Certainly not of the highest Italian quality, but honest jackets cut in beautiful fabrics. I wouldn’t have claimed it initially. Who would have believed it. V

ere’s a little sartorial fun that is in no way a profession of faith. It’s sunday that we vote, don’t forget.

Have a good week, Julien Scavini


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