Alpina Startimer collection: new case, new diameter

In 2022, Swiss watchmaker Alpina is giving its Startimer collection – aimed at aviation enthusiasts – a complete overhaul that brings it closer to its origins, with a new design inspired by the pilot’s watches the company created at the turn of the last century. New case, new bezel, new hands and a new diameter of 41 mm. Two lines are already benefiting from this new fuselage, namely the Startimer Pilot Automatic and the Startimer Pilot Quartz Chronograph Big Date.

Aviation pioneer

Whether it is a question of taking a “top” to determine a change of course, a tank or the crossing of a turning point, or simply calculating the duration of a flight, the watch and the aviator are intimately linked.

Founded in 1883, Alpina was present at the time of the pioneers of aviation, and became a reference in professional pilots’ watches. For the first 50 years of the last century, Alpina was the official supplier of military aviation watches to the continental air force. These instruments had to be extremely accurate and provide the ultimate in shock resistance. In addition, most Alpina pilot’s watches were equipped with an anti-magnetic case, high contrast dials with luminous hands and numerals for immediate readability.

A return to vintage design

This year, Alpina returns to the original design of its aviation watches, and gives its Startimer collection a new 41 mm case. Its carefully studied ergonomics are similar to the company’s first military timepieces. This format offers the perfect compromise between the more generous 44 mm version and the 40 mm version (still in the collection).

A new bezel has also been developed, using the original notched profile. This was designed in the early days of aviation to facilitate the grip with gloves. Still engraved at noon, the famous red Alpina triangle faces the twelve-hour index, which also adopts the same geometry.

The crown, specially designed to return to the origins of the aviator style, is positioned at 3 o’clock and has a fluted “onion” profile, with a more discreet dimension. Screwed on, it ensures that the case is perfectly waterproof, guaranteed to 100 meters.

Finally, on the back, we find the traditional engraving that accompanies all Startimer models. It represents a plane about to fly over a mountain, accompanied by the Alpina logo in its vintage version, as it existed at the time.

The hands have also been revised. Initially “leaf” shaped, they are now inspired by
“cathedral”, with an enlarged body filled with luminescent material, finished with a finer point that allows a more precise reading of the indexes. The refined seconds hand preserves the identity of all Alpina timepieces: a red triangular counterweight, the symbol of the company.

These hands point to Arabic numerals in a smaller font – which, in conjunction with an enlarged aperture to 41 mm, contributes to a much clearer and cleaner readability.

e. As for the minute track, it takes up its so-called “railroad” aesthetic. The five-minute intervals are marked by a luminescent marker in front of each index – on the Startimer Pilot Automatic model, this is accompanied by a five-minute graduation in Arabic numerals.

Startimer Pilot Automatic: elegance in flight

Alpina Startimer Pilot Automatic watch

In addition to these new features, the Startimer Pilot Automatic has a new date window at 6 o’clock – unlike the previous model where it was placed at 3 o’clock. The hours, minutes, seconds and date are instrumented by the FC-525 self-winding mechanical movement, thus perpetuating the tradition of pilot’s watches. The

first, with a black dial, is made entirely of steel: case, bezel and three-link bracelet with alternating polished and satin-finished surfaces. The white hands and hour markers ensure perfect legibility, with a modern and functional aesthetic for a timepiece designed for everyday wear.

Still with a black dial and steel case, the second version has a black calf leather strap with a rough feel and stitching in a similar shade to the indexes – a vintage off-white reminiscent of the vintage heritage from which it springs.

The last model reveals a trendy blue dial, combined with a steel case, all mounted on a brown calf leather strap, stitched with off-white. One last detail that collectors will want to pay attention to: this vintage strap is padded with red, the same color as the Alpina logo on the counterweight of the central seconds hand.

Startimer Pilot Quartz Chronograph Big Date: the ultimate in precision

The new Startimer Pilot Quartz Chronograph Big Date preserves its fundamentals, namely its large date and its bicompax chronograph. Ideal for calculating flight times, the latter allows measurement to the tenth of a second, and over twelve consecutive hours. Positioned at 6 o’clock, the large date orchestrates two separate windows, one for the tens, the other for the units. Two watch complications rarely associated with each other, this combination will appeal to lovers of fine Swiss Made watches.

This timepiece is already available in three models. The first one is very robust: steel bracelet, steel case, black dial with two large luminescent hands.

The second model combines an olive green dial with a black PVD-coated steel case, evoking a military khaki fiber that will delight fighter aviation enthusiasts. Beige hands and hour markers, as well as the luminescent material, echo its brown calf leather strap, stitched in off-white with a vintage accent – a chromatic harmony that demonstrates Alpina’s attention to detail.

The third features a completely new petroleum blue dial, with white hands and hour markers for perfect legibility. Mounted on a brown calf leather strap with stitching, the watch has a

The off-white color of the steel case creates a perfect contrast, giving life to a resolutely modern combination. Very trendy, young and dynamic, this variation will seduce both flight and urban exploration enthusiasts.

Powered by the AL-372 quartz movement, this Startimer Pilot Quartz Chronograph Big Date guarantees a minimum autonomy of four years – enough to go on a trip with peace of mind.

Suggested retail price


  • Startimer Pilot automatic : on leather strap : 995 € / on steel strap : 1 095 €.
  • Startimer Pilot Quartz Chronograph Big Date : on leather strap : 950 € / on steel strap : 1 050

About Alpina

Founded in 1883 and famous for its iconic red triangle, Alpina is a Swiss watch manufacturer based in Geneva. The company’s mission is to design luxury sports watches that function with precision and reliability in the most demanding sporting environments, such as the Alps.

A true pioneer in the watch industry, Alpina has been responsible for numerous patents and innovative calibers for 138 years. In the early 20th century, Alpina became the official supplier of watches for military pilots, before revolutionizing the concept of sports watches in 1938 with the legendary Alpina 4.

True to its long tradition of innovation, in 2015 Alpina launched the first Swiss made Horological Smartwatch, opening a new segment in the Swiss luxury sports watch sector. In 2020, the company presents the AlpinerX Alive, a new generation of connected watches equipped with a heart rate sensor and GPS. Also committed to preserving the planet, Alpina creates the Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic line, made from recycled plastic from the oceans. In 2021, Alpina is strengthening its commitment to associations fighting to protect the environment. United by a unifying principle called We Shape the Change, the ecological equivalent of Reach Your Summit, Alpina is undertaking a multitude of actions aimed at drawing public attention to current environmental issues.

Inspired by the alpine world since its creation, Alpina has always been very involved in outdoor activities and mountain sports. The company has built strong partnerships that illustrate its commitment to this world, as well as a team of Alpinists, whose athletes and friends of the brand evolve in the most difficult environments.

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